Mountain Sounds Festival is many things. It is first and foremost, an experience. Parties are transient. We’re all about creating something that transcends memorability and becomes ritualistic.

Music, art and culture are what make this Mountain Sounds experience what it is. Each year we strive to bring some of the best local, national and international talent to The Mountain, represent a diverse range of genres, integrate politically minded and culturally conscious art throughout the site, use sustainable materials, provide delicious food and drink options and all in all deliver an unforgettable summer experience for our mountaineers.

The Mountain is our sanctuary, and we’re strict on maintaining a good-vibes-only policy. Mountain Sounds is the unique experience it is, because of the kind and considerate mountaineers that make the climb each year. We encourage all mountaineers to look out for each other and we promise you’ll return home with more lifelong friends than when you arrived.

Sustainability is integral to the festival’s continuation and we approach everything with careful consideration on how it will impact the community; we strive to make this impact a positive one. The Central Coast will forever be our home, which is why we love working with and to promote the local community and businesses.

Beginning in 2014, selling out three years in a row with the 2017 edition selling out in record time (with record numbers), 2018 was our biggest and brightest year yet, moving the festival to a 3 day experience. We are extremely lucky to hold our festival in the lush surrounds of the Mount Penang Gardens, and we’re excited to have such an environmentally diverse and incredibly visual space at our fingertips.

In 2019, Mountain Sounds is returning bigger, better, weirder. We’ve got some hefty tricks up our sleeve and have no doubt next year’s festival will be our most special instalment yet.

So join us atop the mountain for another year of antics and experiences. We firmly believe that the experience is the most important part of a music festival and for those who have attended the festival, you’ll know what we’re talking about. For those who will be joining us for the first time, we can’t wait to welcome you to the Mountain.

Explore the 2018 lineup here.

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We encourage all mountaineers to join us in acknowledging the Darkinjung people whose land our festival takes place on. We pay our respects to their culture, their Elders past and present, along with today’s descendants that carry on the living culture and ensure its survival for future generation.