Fancy Dress Friday Is Back & We've Got Some 'Into The Wild' Inspo For You!

Calling All Mountaineers To Get Creative, Weird And Wild!

This year’s fancy dress theme is Into The Wild! We’re looking for all different patterns from all different parts of the wild world. Get creative and think outside the box, wild means to do something out of the ordinary. It’s our challenge to you to get outside of the cheetah print comfort zone and explore the endless possibilities. 

We've put together some possible interpretations for you, to help get you thinking.

Please remember that cultural appropriate is NOT cool + not acceptable at MSF. 

African Savannah

The classic In The Wild theme! Play it safe with cheetah and zebra print or go against the norm and transform yourself into a giraffe or elephant. Amp Up that Leopard Print dress with some quirky makeup to boot. Can't be bothered doing it yourself? Visit one of our makeover vendors!

Wild West:

Get that lasoo prepped and throw it back to the 1860’s a time of lawlessness and for the untamed.

Easy to put together when you pair up a hat, bandana, poncho and big buckle belt, cowboys + outlaws never looked so good.

Enchanted Forest

A wild place full of creative magic. Explore an array of enchanted creatures you can become for the day.

Dress yourself up as a fairy or a pixie, get together with your friends for your take on the 7 dwarfs. What othercurious creatures live in the forest?

Have fun with it!

Characters From The Wild

Have a favourite movie with a wild character? 

With so many great options from film over the years, we're expecting to see your best Rambo, Max From Where The Wild Things Are, A sleek as all hell Will Smith from Wild WIld West, Lion King, Jumanji but to name a few.


Think English, American or Australian woodlands, Into The Woods fits perfectly with the Into The Wild theme.

Across these you can get creative as a deer, possum, fox, hedgehog or a fox.

Wild Ocean

Dive deep into the possibilities of underwater creatures you can become. 

From colourful fish, jellyfish, coral or turtles. Think further and transform yourself into a mermaid or sea queen/king.

Australian Outback

Keep it close to home and dress up with your interpretation of the Aussie Outback.

 Whether it be a Frilled Lizard a version of Mike Dundee or couple up and come as Steve Irwin and his Croc.

Amazonian Jungle

Get colourful and adventurous with the endless options of amazonian jungle animals.

There are over 3000 different types of animals to choose from so we want to see some originality here, folks.

Be a colourful Scarlet Macaw, a Sloth or a patterned Poison Dart Frog.

Prehistoric/Stone Age

Nothing says wild more like cavemen and women. Channel your inner Flintstones!