Top 10 Tips To Party Safe At Mountain Sounds 2019

Your safety and wellbeing is our number one priority. So, with less than two weeks to go til we climb the Mountain, we thought it was important to share our Top 10 Party Safe Tips. Following these guidelines will increase your likelihood of having an amazing time and reduce the risk of any harm or health disturbances. Without further ado:

Tip 1: Avoid Drugs, MSF Has A Zero Tolerance Approach To Illicit Substances

• The only way to eliminate potential harms of alcohol and other drugs is to abstain from using them, harm reduction is the act of reducing potential harms while continuing to use these substances.

• Feel free to come and chat to Dancewize NSW, next to medical, who are there as a safe space and to provide more info on how you can stay safe while you party.

• Don't forget, the Medics are your friends and are there solely to take care of you.

Tip 2: Look After Your Friends & Other Mountaineers

• If camping, introduce yourself to those campers around you to make sure you are all looking out for each other.

• Arrange a "Buddy system" with your mates, so someone always has your back!

• If you or any of your friends need assistance do not hesitate to contact the Patron Safety Hotline on 0411 313 842. -Available 24/7 with dedicated staff for any medical security or immediate support

Tip 3 - Be A Good Mountaineer!

• It is our endeavour to leave the lush Mount Penang Gardens as pristine as we found them. Please make sure you do your part and take your tent and belongings home.

• Don't be a tosser, pick up your rubbish after youself and use the bins. Listen out for the clean up song in between sets and get involved!

• Look out for and be kind to your fellow mountaineers. We're all family atop the Mountain and we have a strict No Dickheads, just Good Vibes policy.

Tip 4 - Ask For Angela

• The NSW Gov has been trialing the internationally recognised ‘Ask for Angela’ safety campaign in hopes to prevent sexual assault cases.

• It encourages patrons to approach any staff at any venue and “ask for Angela” if feeling unsafe or have been put in a compromising


• The sentence acts as a code to discreetly alert staff, who then will escort the affected person to safety and/or contact

authorities for further assistance.

• “Ask for Angela” sends a message that creepy behaviour will not be tolerated and

that nobody has the right to make anybody else feel threatened in any way.

Tip 5 - Respect The Dance Floor Rules

• Look after each other & respect personal space - hands to yourself

• Jump up and down - not into each other. Moshing causes more injuries than you'd think!

• Don't forget, Security are there to help. Seek one out if you or anyone around you needs assistance.

Tip 6 - Prepare for extreme weather

• We are on a mountain after all! Make sure you prepare for all kinds of weather conditions, from heat waves, storms (rain, wind & lightning, hail) and winds, - bring those tent pegs!

Tip 7 - Stay Hydrated

• Make sure you have some down time to eat & hydrate. Remind your pals to do so also.

• There will be free water available at all bars & site wide

• There's a wide-range of delicious food & drink options to suit all dietary requirements.

Tip 8 - Know Your Limits

• Nobody has fun when you're too drunk

• Be aware the highest dose is often not the most fun dose & can involve serious risks

Tip 9 - Slip Slop Slap Slide & Seek

• Free sunscreen will be available around the site. Make sure you top up every couple hours.

• Ample shade including trees + shade structures will be available in both the campgrounds and festival site.

Tip 10 - Plan A Safe Way Home From The Festival

• Finally Mountaineers, please ensure you get home to your friends and fam safely. Don't drive impaired under any circumstances.

• Always have a plan B. Taxi, Uber and Shuttle Buses all have designated pick up and drop off zones. Check the map or ask any staff members

See you all very soon.

Love, MSF xo