We Need Your Help Choosing Our First Ever Clean Up Song!

Mountaineers! We need your help.

Keeping the Mount Penang Gardens looking as pristine as when we found it is extremely important to us. Along with some other amazing sustainability measures we're taking, for the first time in 2019, Mountain Sounds will have a Clean Up Song!

Following in the footsteps of Victorian festivals such as Meredith & Golden Plains Festival we'll be utilising a Clean Up Song where attendees are encouraged to join in keeping the festival site looking schmick and we need your help selecting the perfect official 2019 Clean Up track!

The winning party tune will be played intermittently throughout the duration of the festival, between acts. Each time you hear the song we implore you to get involved and clean up the area nearest to you, whilst having a boogie of course. Volunteers and staff will be handing out garbage bags and getting amongst it.

Who says cleaning can't be fun?

The Clean Up Song will be chosen by the public via a Facebook poll next week.

Familiarise yourself with the shortlist of tracks here, and get ready to vote for your favourite!

1 - Dom Dolla - Take It

2 - Aretha Franklin - Respect

3 - OutKast - Hey Ya

4 - Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)


5 - Hall & Oates - You Make My Dreams

Get ready to vote for your favourite song next week, and make sure you encourage your friends and your fellow mountaineers to spend a few minutes when the winning song is played at the festival, picking up the rubbish in the area, whether it's yours or someone elses.

It's amazing the difference made when we all come together and do our bit.

For those who haven't snapped up your tickets yet. It's time to make it happen. Final Release tickets now on sale.