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What Mountain Sounds Do

Mountain Sounds does all sorts of things to mitigate our effects on the environment. Sustainability is integral to the festival’s continuation and we approach everything with careful consideration on how it will impact the community; we strive to make this impact a positive one.

We feel blessed to call the Mount Penang Gardens our home. These are some of the measures we take to keep it as beautiful as we found it.

Plastic Free Policy

In 2019 Mountain Sounds are proud to announce that we will be a 100% Plastic Free Festival: We will not supply or endorse plastic products, single use water bottles, or cups. We will be encouraging our mountaineers to bring their own reusable water bottle and utilise one of our many free water stations. We also have a partnership with Globelet who will supply reusable bottles & cups should you forget yours at home.

Waste & Recycle Policy

Heavy presence of waste bins across the site, especially in campsites where bins can be found on every corner. We will supply both general & recycle bins, as well as green waste bins in food & camping areas.

Recycled Materials

Wooden pallets, straw bales and more, our festival seating is created using recycled and second hand materials that can be re-used on farms post-festival. Many of our beautiful structures on site use sustainable materials like bamboo.

Vehicle Carbon Footprint

To encourage carpooling and to minimise the festival’s carbon footprint, parking is free if you arrive with 4 or more people in your car. If you have 3 or less you will need to purchase a car park pass which allows you to use the on-site park from Thursday to Sunday.

We’ll be encouraging the use of public transport and offering shuttle buses from Gosford Train Station, as well as creating a ‘Who needs a lift’ Facebook group to encourage people to organise lifts with one another.

Clean Up Song

For the first time in 2019, Mountain Sounds will be following in the footsteps of festivals such as Meredith Music Festival and utilising a clean up song where Mountaineers will have the chance to get involved in the cleanup.

This will involve the public choosing their favourite party song from a poll we run on facebook, and the winning track will be played intermittently throughout the duration of the festival, between acts. Each time punters hear the song they are encouraged to get involved and clean up the area nearest to them whilst having a good ole’ boogie.

Volunteers and staff will be handing out garbage bags and getting amongst it, in an effort to keep the beautiful Mount Penang Gardens as pristine as we found it,

We will be running the poll in January, a month before the festival.

Leave-no-trace Competition

We’ll be running a competition in hopes to encourage our mountaineers to leave no trace. For each rubbish bag dropped at Campsite HQ, you’ll receive 1 entry and go in the draw to win VIP passes to MSF2020!

Camping with Cars

In 2019 we’ll be introducing a campsite where you can camp with your cars, making it even easier for mountaineers to minimise waste by giving them the option to take their camping materials home with them without having to lug it too far. We will also have designated waste drop-off zones for the stuff you don’t want to re-use or take home!

Eco Cops

There will be a designated team of Eco Cops roaming throughout the festival and campsites, assisting with minimising waste and helping people use the correct bins.

Partnership with Green Music Australia & Take the Plunge

Green Music Australia is harnessing the cultural power of music and musicians to lead the way to a greener world. They will be bring their ‘refill not landfill library” full of reusable cups and bottles. They will also be bringing their #Plasticfreeplunge activation where you can pledge to go plastic free for 2019, and dunk your mates in a plunge pool.

'Take 3 For The Sea' Partnership

We will be continuing our partnership with Take 3 For The Sea to clean-up and maintain our pristine waterways. With the hopeful introduction of swimming at this years event, we will have a educational program focused on how we can all reduce our impact, and help rebuild & restore...

What You Can Do

Placing your rubbish in the correct bin will help keep our mountain in schmick shape for many festivals to come. Recycle and rubbish bins will be located all throughout the festival site and campgrounds.

Leave No Trace

Remember to take all of your camping gear away from the festival so we can leave our mountain as beautiful as we found it. We implore all mountaineers to please leave your campsite area as clear as you found it. We’ll be providing bin bags to make this process even easier. & bulk drop-off zones


Carpooling is a great way to save space and money to drive up to the mountain. Get your mates together, throw on the Mountain Sounds 2019 Spotify playlist and know that you’re doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint.

To encourage carpooling and to minimise the festival’s carbon footprint, your parking ticket will be redeemable as festival credit if you arrive with 4 or more people in your car. If you have 3 or less you will need to purchase a car park pass which allows you to use the on-site park from Thursday to Sunday.

Parking ticket: $39 + bf Available to Campers only - Online Pre Purchased Tickets Only.

BYO Water Bottle

In 2019 we are happy to announce that Mountain Sounds will be an 100% plastic-free festival! This means we do not supply, endorse or use plastic products, single use water bottles, or cups. Please BYO re-usable bottle to fill up at one of our many free water-stations.


We’re all about our mountaineers dressing up and being their sparkliest self. But please be kind to the land and only use biodegradable, eco-friendly Glitter on the mountain.